I live with 7 Zen Masters; All of them, Cats

(The title is adapted from Eckart Tolle’s book The Power of Now.)

DUKE: Zen Master of the highest order

DUKE: Zen Master of the highest order

Animals are such great teachers. Observe how they genuinely understand and respect nature, never taking more than they need, not squabbling unnecessarily over things which are of no real importance.


TOMMY: “I like to dip my paws in water!”

Cats, for example, are very peaceful creatures.  Like other animals, they are very protective of their young.

MARIE: Elegant AristoCAT

MARIE: Elegant AristoCAT

The description catty, often applied to quarrelsome women, does not do cats any justice at all.

MAGIC: Skilled at Teleporting

MAGIC: Skilled at Teleporting

On the other hand, feline grace when describing a person’s movement is undeserved by humans whose most graceful maneuvers will always pale by comparison.


BITSEY: National Geographic Centerfold

TIGEY: Deceptively benign

TIGEY: Deceptively benign

Sadly, humans use animal names as derogatory descriptive references: sly as a fox, strutting  like a peacock, hording like a packrat, eating like a pig, not-to-be trusted snake, and the frequently used comparison, crab mentality. Described as not wanting others to succeed or to get ahead, this human mindset references crabs in a bucket that pull down other crabs to prevent them getting out.   It is an assumption made by a human  about why crabs in a bucket behave that way.  How about trying a crab’s perspective?

BARTOK: Feigned innocence.

BARTOK: Feigned innocence. “It wasn’t me.”

Without a voice, misunderstood, and sometimes mistreated by humans, animals continue to tolerate and even love our specie.

Perhaps their role is to show us humans about natural laws,  caring for mother earth, sharing,  and unconditional love.

The question is Why have we not been paying attention?  Let’s start helping now.

MUSTARD: Winner, Ms. Congeniality (Graduated to Cat heaven, 2013)

MUSTARD: Winner, Ms. Congeniality (Graduated to Cat heaven, 2013)


DiNAH: Haughty but nice. (Graduated to cat heaven, 2011)

2 comments on “I live with 7 Zen Masters; All of them, Cats

  1. Amen. Your cats are gorgeous, Luwee!

    Bigla akong nalungkot na naggraduate na pala yung 2.

    • thanks rem for complimenting my 4-footed babies. i look forward to meeting claire to excitedly talk about cats. diba she also befriends neighborhood cats. that is how we ended up having a dozen cats at one time and a very active beagle. it was a challenging but immensely fun time. pets bring so much joy.

      talk to you soon rem. meanwhile, keep glowing in your rem-ness.

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