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Adding Softness to a Minimalist Design

(written for DREA Designs)

Your condo design is perfect. This is the thought going through your mind as you come into your sanctuary after a long day’s work. The contemporary, minimalist design and colors you chose give the illusion of spaciousness to your small one-bedroom unit. At the same time though, you have a yearning to give it a more feminine touch. After all, your home should reflect your personality. An independent capable woman you are indeed, but a woman nevertheless. Adding balloon shades may just be the answer.

The versatility of balloon shades is one of the reasons for its popular use.

1. Use it as a short valance to accent window-length or floor length curtains.

2. Highlight it as an actual curtain that also shields from strong sunlight.

3. Give it a supporting role as a second sheer curtain to let in diffused day light.

4. For a totally romantic result, use balloon shades in tandem for both the block-out layer and the sheer layer, with the sheer layer hung lower than the block-out layer. The result speaks feminine but not frilly.

5. If you want the same effect but prefer to use only one full curtain, opt for a different colored edge.

6. Another twist to balloon shades is to have uneven, wider gaps between scallops versus the more conventional evenly-distanced scallops. This works well with wide windows.

Balloon shades also allows a wide range of fabrics to be used. Satin is a good choice for both men and women’s bedrooms. The sheen of satin gives a rich elegant look and its soft texture allows the flounces to fall perfectly. Velvet is favored for valances, although velvet floor-length curtains in a spacious room can look simultaneously imposing and cozy. Cotton and gingham in light colors go well in kitchen and bathroom windows. Sheer material is the preference for bedrooms and kitchens, but they can also be utilized in living and dining spaces for tandem use with more solid material as described in number 3 above.

The hands down best feature of balloon shades is that you can use it with your existing window treatment. Working with your condo‘s interior in shades of monochromatic beige, all you would need to do is add a satin balloon valance in deep burgundy or apple green with a sheer white fringe. The romantic touch will blend with contemporary minimalist and result in just the right touch of softness. It will also definitely reflect your feminine chic.

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