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Brain Food: It’s Not Just What’s on the Menu

You know that what you eat affects your brain. You are familiar with the usual brain foods. Advertisers make sure you are aware of the mind-strengthening supplements available. You have learned how alcohol and drugs can dull your cognition. But have you considered the other kind of food you feed your mind?

Static and Over Stimulation

As soon as you awake, information and stimuli comes at you. You get it directly from people you interact with at home, in school, in the office, in the supermarket, or on the road. It is thrown at you by the internet, radio, TV, movies, news, and books. Sometimes, you even leave the radio, TV and computer on to keep you company. Often, you become numb to all the static noise and written fluff.

• Has violence become such a normal part of your TV/movie viewing?

• Do you spend long hours playing aggressive online or arcade games?

• Are you so used to reading four-letter words in your magazines?

• Do you hang out with people who always complain, criticize, or gossip?

With so much information and stimulus, we need to protect ourselves and be selective of what we allow our minds to absorb consciously or by default.

Press the Reset Button

It’s time to step back. Turn everything off and sit still in the welcome silence. From that setting, we can develop our personal “garbage detector” and discard anything that diminishes our sense of well being and our natural need for meaningful connections. We need to protect our minds from content that habitually make us angry, sad, doubtful, and dissatisfied. It is then that we can begin to recognize and appreciate those things that DO bring feelings of calmness, contentment, inspiration, and fulfillment. We can turn to good music, art, theater, sports, movies and books with stories that highlight values, good character, and authentic relationships.

We have the choice to keep a healthy diet and especially a healthy mind, a soulful mind that positively overcomes the trying times. That choice will define who we are and what we become in life: a problem to society or the spark that leads to a solution.

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