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Extra-Effort Shopping for Extra-Long Curtains

(written for DREA Designs)

If you are like many smart homeowners who love to continuously reinvent their sanctuaries without overspending, you would have learned to shop mindfully. You look at value for money for purchases. Buying extra long curtains is exactly that. Why? You have one product that can be used in many ways: as window curtains, door curtains, wall cover, headboards, room dividers, pergola shades, and shower/bath curtains in an en suite bathroom. No question about it; long-length curtains add variety and drama.

Know Exactly What You Want

Set down personal specifications:

• Size: Will panel width measurements fit your windows, your doors, and your open doorways? Two panels could also then be used as a bed headboard.

• Color and Prints: Aesthetics is essential. They will be conspicuous because of their full length. Is the print too “noisy” or the color too overpowering?

• Weight and Stiffness: Does the material have enough weight for it to hang well but is not too stiff so it can stay close to the wall?

• Outer layer: Sheer fabrics will allow some light in without sacrificing privacy. Pick white or neutral pastel colors.

• Installation/mechanisms: Extra long 144-inch curtain installation would be best done by a professional. Will you require automated open/draw mechanisms, gliders with cords, rings with curtain draw rods? Will you need a valance?

• Maintenance: Is the fabric and mechanism right for prevailing weather and your lifestyle? (dusty, humid, damp, pets?) Is there a service warranty for automated open/draw mechanisms?

Walk-in or Online?

Positive word of mouth recommendations from friends, architects or interior designers is a good start. You may even get a good rate if you are referred. Whether referred or not, combining online and walking in works best. Research online and check what is available. Read product descriptions, take notes, and save photos and links. Select three sites or shops. Contact them to find out where you can see their products. You must be able to actually see and feel the long-length curtains in their actual size, hanging against a wall. These shops/sites may also be able to refer you to reputable installers and maintenance services. Don’t neglect the accessories: curtain rods, ornamental rod ends, decorative braces, curtain draw rods, and curtain ties. If you consider the lasting presence and various roles of long-length curtains in your home, you will find that they are well worth the effort.

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