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Is Do Re Mi as Easy as Ready, Set, Push?

You half collapse on the sofa at the hotel lobby, happy for the time to just sit before yet another meeting, your third one today. Music flows from the piano at the nearby lounge. It is upbeat but relaxing, produced by a player who has obviously been at it for years. Letting out a deep breath you close your eyes and wistfully think how nice it would be to play the piano in such relaxing surroundings. Remembering your abandoned childhood attempt at learning to play the keyboard, you sigh in resignation.

But isn’t learning a musical skill just like riding a bicycle? They say you never forget how. Both begin with a desire that is sustained with commitment and practice. The last two, you failed at. Bicycle riding got you to your friends’ houses and to exploring the neighborhood. Piano practice meant an hour of sitting stiffly while your bespectacled old teacher watched sternly. No contest there. That’s why you are now part of a mountain bike group but have not come within a 10 meter radius to a piano … until now.

The music changes to samba with percussion and you realize that it is actually coming from a digital piano that looks like an acoustic piano. Brilliant! Digital piano technology makes it easier to learn from; in your case, RE-learn from. You flip open your laptop, humming along cheerfully, and start your search for digital piano lessons.

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