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The Many Uses of Long-Length Curtains

(written for DREA Designs)

When your interior designer friend suggested that you consider long-length curtains for your home, you politely smiled your thanks but dismissed the idea in your head. That’s probably because you only envision extra long curtains in a high-ceilinged room with glass walls or a dark wood-paneled study with floor-to-ceiling book shelves. Extra long curtains can actually be used in many settings and some of them do not even involve any windows.

Windows to Dress:
• French: With their bottom edge a mere 12 inches from the floor, French windows naturally go well with long length curtains.

• Arched: Arched windows also feature nicely with extra long curtains which may be customized to follow their curved form or leave the arch exposed for effect while covering the rest.

• Narrow Window: A long-length curtain that is wider by a few inches than the narrow window it dresses gives it more proportion, with curtains either drawn or open.

• Row of Windows: Two or three windows next to each other look seamlessly grouped when one extra long curtain is used to cover both/all windows.

• Bay Window: Long-length curtains can privately enclose a nook that is produced by a bay window.

Not Just for Windows:

• Walls: Your initial vision of long-length curtains is accurate. They are used to shield from strong sunlight and chilly air penetrating tall glass walls. Covering some walls with extra-long curtains in light colored prints provide visual relief from the dark-wood-paneled walls of a study made more sober by rows of book shelves.

• Headboard: Dressing the portion of the wall where the bed is positioned with floor-to-ceiling curtains provides a soft headboard to echo the color of the bed linen.

• Divider: An open doorway leading to the wardrobe closets in a bedroom can be set discreetly apart to create a dressing area with long-length curtains.

• Bath: A departure from solid sliding doors, long length curtains effectively enclose shower stalls and bath tubs while providing color and texture. Consider two layered curtains; water proof on the shower side, cloth in front.

• Pergola/Gazebo: Long-length white curtains running the length of a pergola or encircling a gazebo provides privacy and sheer romance.

Now that you are aware of the many possibilities of long-length curtains, it will likely be you making the suggestions the next time you meet your interior designer friend.

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