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Delightful Eye Candy for Your Interiors

(written for DREA Designs)

Just looking at them brings a delightful, carefree feeling. They may be put together in artistic groupings on a sofa or plopped nonchalantly in pairs over several chairs. An assortment of shapes, colors and prints never fails to bring a smile. Touching and hugging are inevitable. Custom pillows are absolutely fun to see and touch.

Like other fun, colorful stuff (think candy or bags), one can easily go overboard when buying or ordering custom pillows. Here’s a guide to prevent you from breaking your budget to get a hold of these soft, pretty, bringers-of-comfort.

Shapes and Sizes:

• Squares are common shapes and come in different sizes. Large ones work well to lessen the depth of a large sofa. Smaller sizes can be accent pieces taking the front row of assorted pillows. Firmer and thicker square pillows that usually come in corded box edging can be used as bottom cushions on dining chairs.

• Rectangular lumbar pillows are both aesthetic and functional. Providing lower back support, they go well on most sofas, single-seating arm chairs, and beds, and may be set either horizontally or vertically.

• Bolster pillows may be laid on either end of a long sofa or running the length of a short but deep sofa. In neutral colors, they can cover gaps at the lower edge of bed headboards or of uneven coloring in sofa corners. In shorter form with bright stripes and prints, bolster pillows make effective eye-candy accents.

• Round throw pillows are not as common. They are most effective in giving softness and romance to a room. One or two in smooth, shiny material with deep color and embellishments can eliminate the need for much room décor. They also seamlessly complement a circular ottoman chair or foot stool in the room.

Colors and Prints:

• Majority of your custom pillow colors should not be in very stark contrast with curtains, carpets, and sofa upholstery. Monochromatic shading where the pillows are a brighter or darker hue of the same sofa color is calming to the eye.

• Some pillows with contrasting bright colors or stripes will break the monotony. Bolster pillows will serve this purpose.

• Two or three small square pillows can be dressed with exotic prints and textures such as embroidery, sequins, small mirrors, beads, and tassels. These will be your accent pieces. They should however not clash or compete with colorful printed carpets, lamp shades, or vases.

• In the bedroom, personalized designs on pillows can be limitless: monograms, portraits, cartoon characters, quotes, etc.

Indeed, custom pillows delight the senses. You can behold (and read), touch, and smell them. You want to listen to musical pillows that could lull you to sleep? Yes, they also do exist.

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