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From Passion to Profit

Starting a new business is not as complicated as many people believe. It may appear as intricate to you as Trigonometry or Chemistry. Back when you were in those classes, there was that voice in the back of your mind saying, “You’re not good at this. You’ll never make it.” You believed it then.

You only half believe those words now. After all, you DID make it through those subjects, graduated, and are employed at a reasonably well-paying job. You’re doing fine, even if you’re not good at Trigonometry or business.

Nobody does It Better:

Sometimes though, you catch yourself effortlessly doing something really well, something that you get very engaged in and truly enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s connected with your job or maybe it isn’t, yet you do not mind spending time doing it and are motivated to learn more about it. It is possible that this something which you singularly do well and want to learn more about actually provides a service or product that people need. That’s a basic formula (no chemistry required) for business. Maybe it’s time to listen to the other voice that says, “Yes, go for it!”

Personal Enjoyment:

More important than being good at it, you’ve got to thoroughly enjoy doing it. When you are happily immersed in what you’re doing, you’ll want to keep doing it, you’ll want to learn more about it, and you will BE the best at it. The passion precedes the expertise.

Which business will your passion lead you to?  Scan the ideas below.

At the End of the Day:

If you start any of these businesses from passion, the profit would inevitably follow. Start small, never losing sight of the passion. A business owner who loves what he/she does produces a labor of love with each product or service. A client instinctively knows it, will be glad to pay for it, and will tell friends and colleagues about it. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Avoid taking too much work that may cause your product/service quality to suffer or you to be over stressed. At day’s end, the feeling of passion and enjoyment should make the tiredness and hassle all worth it. If not … uhm maybe it’s time follow another passion?


Small Business Ideas:

1. Yoga Place: Certified instructor can conduct session at own home in a spacious room with mirrors and window. Partner up with a Tai Chi instructor to optimize room.

2. Community Dance Studio: Select dance styles that cater to a wide age-range of students: ballroom, Latin, hip hop, jazz, pole.

3. Massage services in a mini “Spa”: Trained staff can also perform home service.

4. Hair Salon/Professional makeup service: Trained staff, a good senior hairdresser, and make-up artist are essential in a clean, relatively quiet, relaxing space.

5. Skin Care center: Simplified affordable treatments. Trained staff; dermatologist on call. (# 3, 4, 5 can be one business).

6. Care Center for Geriatrics: Certified practicing nurse available; doctor on call. Caregivers may also be hired for home care.

7. Tutoring or Kumon: A 6-month training certification course required for Kumon.

8. Unique jewelry design and crafting: Can join seasonal bazaars; mostly online selling.

9. Logo designer/e-book cover designer/no-frills planner designer, customized calendars: Sell your original designs only or sell products with the designs.

10. Monogram engraver/embroidery/embossed printing: Adds a classy distinction to gifts.

11. Customized printing on T-shirts/shopping bags: Personalized gifts or marketing material.

12. Packaging specialist: Gift wrapping, assorted packaging options, gift tags. Greeting cards with originally-composed greetings!

13. Singing Message delivery: Hire music students to do this (Tie up with #18). Partner up with flower shop or gift shop.

14. Mural painting: For house or restaurant interior/exteriors: Hire art students or do it yourself. (Tie up with #19.)

15. Event photography/videography service: Make nice, good-quality CD copies as the event giveaways and charge separately.

16 Themed Events planner: Décor/sets, program, emcee, music. It’s like directing real life theater.

17. Costume rental/selling shop for Cosplay, etc.: Look for a niche. (tie up with #16)

18. Music school: Voice coach, piano or other instrument teaching. Event music consultant. (tie up with # 16)

19. Restaurant/catering/specialty food preparation/food orders: Get nice interiors from #14 or double up as mini art gallery.

20. Animal care/grooming: Including special van to do home service dog grooming. (tie up with veterinarians)

All of the above businesses actually exist. Look around your community to find where your service is needed and refine your service/product to give it an extra edge.

(written for Hauld.com)

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