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Getting Nicely Accustomed to Custom Pillows

(written for DREA Designs)

The term custom pillow may possibly make you think of older people or injured younger individuals who need these to meet their specific posture requirements in order to lay or sit comfortably. Those are more specifically known as orthopedic or specialty pillows. Custom pillows can serve that purpose too but the term lends itself more to its aesthetic component of adding interesting visual accents, texture attributes, and softness to the look and feel of sofas or beds.

What Makes a Good Custom Pillow?

Custom pillows have many uses. With planning, they can sit in different rooms of your home to assume and enhance that room’s character. Although they are called custom pillows, they do generally follow standard sizes and shapes: square, lumbar, bolster.

To achieve versatility and optimize its feature of being portable decorations, washable cushions are ideal. Consider purchasing custom pillows with removable pillow covers and plan on adding sets of extra pillow covers whose colors go with most rooms in your home. For a homeowner who otherwise enjoys totally re-dressing the living and dining room to welcome the seasons, this is a cost-effective compromise to just introduce subtle seasonal changes with custom pillow cover colors and prints.

Suitability Factors:

Before purchase, think about where you intend to primarily use them.

• Firm and hypoallergenic: Boudoir pillows are both decorative and functional, hence firmness is important. Hypoallergenic stuffing and cover fabric is ideal.

• Ergonomic: Custom pillows for older people need to adapt to posture requirements. Firm seat pillows with box-edging and malleable back pillows will add comfort to their favorite chair.

• Sturdy Fabric: Aside from firm back support, lumbar pillows in the living room should also have sturdy fabric covering that will hold up with much handling by family members and guests.

• Darker Colors: Even more handling is expected in a child’s play area/bedroom and in a man’s game room where the same fabric considerations apply. Darker colors are recommended.

• Size: A primary consideration for sofas is size. A deep sofa may need double rows of custom pillows: larger square at the back and lumbar in front. Aesthetics and proportion dictate that back pillows not overly exceed the height of the sofa back rest.

• Fragile Material: Keep silk, velvet, embroidered, sequined, or tasseled custom pillows in the more confined rooms not usually used by children or pets.

With their soft, colorful presence, it is easy to get so totally accustomed to custom pillows.

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