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It Makes Gratifying Sense to Splurge on Custom Boudoir Pillows

(written for DREA Custom Designs)

When decorating your home’s living and dining spaces, you try to look at them from different persons’ points of view. Why? Because you believe these spaces are meant to be enjoyed and shared with others. Custom pillows have been a stable part of your home, silent witnesses to animated family discussions at the dinner table and stimulating discourses with friends who are often comfortably flopped on the living room floor or ensconced in a sofa corner. On weekend evenings, a couple of your daughter’s friends hang out at the porch with laptops and books covering the couch while they sit on pillows on the floor.

All the custom pillows in your home have been sat upon, thrown about, used to hit playfully with, hugged, and even spilled drinks on. That is what makes custom pillows real and not just nice to look at.

From Custom to Highly Personalized

Custom boudoir pillows are also found in your bedroom, but in this private space your personal preference alone dictated your choice. This is where boudoir pillows can easily go from custom design to highly personalized choices.

• You had indulged in rich, delicate fabrics: a combination of satin, lace, and 100% cotton. This is because your bedroom is not often accessed by your children and only occasionally by your cats.

• Large sized pillows (26 x 26 inches) in proportion to your king size bed required you to get bespoke well-fitting white cotton pillow cases with dark blue satin flanges.

• You and your husband’s monograms in slightly lighter blue tone are embroidered on the above pillows cases.

• Dark blue satin with lace flanges enhance the masculine-feminine combination in a boudoir standard pillow (16 x 16 inches).

• You and your husband endearment names are discreetly embossed in the above pillows in the same dark blue color.

• Lumbar pillows in cobalt blue and white floral prints are mixed in with actual bed pillows.

• Bed pillows (20 x 36 inches) are plain white organic cotton.

• Slimmer-than-usual bolster pillows in narrow blue and white stripes cover the gap in the corner where the head board design does not totally meet the mattress edge.

• Two lumbar pillows are on the deep single-seater sofa in the reading corner. You opted for embellishments of corded edges and corner tassels here.

Initially, homeowners do prioritize the visible entertainment areas when decorating with custom pillows. When they finally focus on their private living spaces, they smartly splurge in bespoke boudoir pillows.

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