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Home Interiors: Faux is Sometimes Better than Real

(written for DREA Designs)

Do you count yourself among those who can afford real silk drapes for your home? The answer is probably not in the affirmative, but even if you can easily afford real silk, there is no serious reason for not choosing faux silk drapes. Because of the combination of materials, the use of faux silk drapes is not constrained by maintenance issues yet offers a broad selection of colors, prints, and texture.

Solid and Soft versus Printed and Textured

The colors range from deep ruby, cool azure, rich cocoa, edgy pewter, neutral sand, and the extreme polarities of dramatic onyx and pure ivory. If it is the look of classic elegance or abundant luxury that you are aiming for, solid plain (versus printed) material will work best to emphasized the rich luster of faux silk drapes.

Printed and textured faux silk will give off less sheen without necessarily sacrificing the look of elegance. Print designs commonly include Fleur di Lis and other floral patterns and various leaves. These go well in a lady’s boudoir or a traditional living room. The sleek look of an urban contemporary loft is enhanced with bi-colored, two-toned monochromatic, striped, or plaid fabric. Choose animal prints with caution and avoid visually noisy prints, especially in small rooms.

Softly Draping or Tightly Stretched

Thanks to the versatility of faux silk drapes, you are happily faced with several presentation possibilities. Flowing, pleated, shirred, and scalloped exudes romantic and traditional. Solid colors are suited for this option. Hanging your faux silk drapes with grommets or rings will effortlessly achieve this look. A Fleur di Lis pattern in a light color with two rows of shirring and an uneven hemline is über feminine. Achieve homey warmth in the dining room with a short curtain fastened to a circular rod with ties or with buttons using the same material.

If modern or minimalist is your choice, roman shades or a no–frills valance will give clean, smooth lines. Fabric that is textured, embroidered, printed, striped, or with other patterns will be nicely highlighted by the uncluttered lines. If you are using embroidered faux silk in one color, a darker-hued border on roman shades can break the monotony and avoid an overly austere result. As they generally come with lining, faux silk drapes will shield from unwanted light in any of the above presentations.

Real silk curtains may be used by a few with high-price purchase capability. Many more are happily using faux silk drapes with no apology.

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