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Introduce Elegant Luxury in a Room with One Inexpensive Addition

(written for Drea Custom Designs)

Its dramatic sheen and its especially luxurious feel makes silk a highly desired fabric for curtains as much as for clothing and bed linen. It has, however, mainly stayed in the fabric wish list of homeowners and designers who shy away from purchasing silk because of its price. Faux silk curtain is a much welcome solution. Unlike clothes or bed linen, curtains are not in prolonged contact with the skin and can therefore easily pass the looks-like-silk and touches-like-silk test.

Why Faux Silk?

Among the many drapes available, faux silk curtains are popular for a reason (or four).

• They are selected because they appear like silk. These fabrics are often polyester, sometimes viscose, or rayon with some percentage of cotton, but they are generally termed faux silk or false silk. This could be because regardless of name or composition, they primarily exist to simulate silk—have a fine luster, drape in gentle folds, and feel pleasantly smooth.

• Their big selling point is the one quality that drastically differentiates faux silk from real silk—the price, which is a fraction of the original.

• They outdo real silk in the maintenance department. Faux silk curtains can be washed and ironed.

• They last longer as they generally have lining that not just blocks sunlight but adds to sturdiness.

Maximizing the Drama of (Faux) Silk:

In China, its country of origin, silk was a symbol of wealth and was much sought after as a gift to show high regard or as a coveted prize when pillaging a kingdom. Faux silk curtains exude the same perception of luxury and can be shown off in any home.

• Subtle in its luster, faux silk curtains are best appreciated in full length and in wide panels to reflect the glow of a table lamp, an ensconced wall lighting, or a chandelier turned up to its brightest level.

• The feel of faux silk curtains ranges from soft and light to slightly textured Dupioni and structured taffeta. Such texture range works well with pleats and shirring.

• They can also be used as swags and valances to match the curtains exactly, for a seamless visual effect.

• Choosing curtains which are similarly hued or which echo the design of bed linen or throw pillow covers further carries the visually seamless effect.

• Enclose your walk-in closet cum dressing area with contrasting-colored full-length faux silk curtains.

• Dress up an en-suite bathroom with faux silk shower curtains.

You may even already have an existing window treatment although perhaps a bit staid. Use faux silk curtains as a multi-layered canopy to then draw the eye to your richly romantic bed. Faux it may be. The effect of luxurious elegance is quite real.

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