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Mood Alteration: Artificial or Natural?

Consistently staying in an upbeat state of mind is a desirable goal. The day’s work becomes effortless; relating to people, more pleasant; setbacks, less daunting; and life, ever worthwhile. Should we then take the quickest route to the drugstore and pick up our stash of medications for mood alteration? Wouldn’t that instantly give us a dose of happiness?

Mood alteration medications have their rightful place in neuropsychology/psychiatry, under medical supervision. Generally though, taking medications is not the path to keeping yourself happy. What they may do is get you dependent on them or worse, condition your mind into seeking easy solutions. Pill-popping is dangerously easy.

Find your portable Sunshine.

There are a number of ways to get an infusion of cheerfulness. Sunshine is one way to gain a sunny disposition. During fine weather, throw open your windows, take a walk, sit in the park, and just bathe in it. You will also imbibe some welcome vitamin D in the process. Exercise is another way. It perks you up from the movements, from blood circulation, and from the release of Endorphins, which induces a feeling of wellbeing.

For the longer haul, maintaining meaningful relationships, keeping occupied at a job/hobby, staying healthy, and being grateful for your abundance all bring contentment. Caring for a pet reduces stress and makes you smile more. It also develops compassion and respect for animals. We may be streetwise; they are wonderfully earthwise.

Adapt to Rainy Days.

On the other hand, insufficient sleep, being overworked, unhealthy habits/relationships, worry, and yearning for something you don’t have lead to dissatisfaction. Remember too that it is totally okay to settle into a low mood, to be disappointed or angry. It is a natural part of the life’s seasons and cycles. Sit with it but don’t wallow in it. Slow down, take a rest, meditate, eat ice cream, do some journaling, or talk to a family member or friend until it naturally passes.

Conscious effort is required, but the good news is that your moods are a matter of your choice and attitude. Mood alteration can be artificial or natural. Mostly though, it’s internal.

(Submission to CrowdCloud)

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