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Family Vacation Planner When Visiting Pennsylvania

Your entire family is keenly looking forward to your vacation in Pennsylvania. From past experience, you know that family vacations are an ideal time to bond while having exciting adventures, learning new things, shopping, or simply relaxing. You may encounter unexpected events during vacations which can turn out to be a refreshing chance to do things differently from the familiar. Without some well-thought-out vacation planning, you may end up with unwelcome surprises. Consider these things when planning your family vacation.

Who Plans the Family Vacations?

A parent usually plans the family vacation but , he/she does not have to do all the work. Anticipation and participation can be fun. Hold a small family council over dinner and find out what each one wants to see/do. Give every family member some time to think and research. Build the itinerary on that. The duration of the vacation will affect your itinerary. Select sites that offer a variety of activities and choose hotels that are near a number of sites. If it is an extended vacation, you can plan to meet up with old family friends who live in the area. Reunions can be fun and memorable. Your friends can also give you great ideas on places to visit.

Why is Pennsylvania an Ideal Family Vacation Destination?

Climate-wise, Pennsylvania has comfortable temperatures most months of the year, turning cooler between November and March. Historical sites, relaxing recreational activities, active sports, thrill rides, parks and reserves, and interactive museums are available. Young children, active teenagers, sporty fathers, sentimental grandparents, and over-achieving mothers will all find activities to enjoy.

Which Sites are recommended?

Visit Gettysburg and Independence National Park, where Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are located, to truly appreciate American History. Drop by the museums, take a tour of the Gettysburg battlefields, or witness a re-enactment (with prior scheduling). You can opt to stay in one of Gettysburg’s haunted hotels and take a ghost tour of its historic streets. Learn about the history of the Liberty Bell from the museum tour and the short films. X-rays of the bell offer an inside perspective view of the bell. Presque Isle Park is a sandy peninsula that curves into Lake Erie. Recreational activities include swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking. An environmental center allows free admission to the interactive exhibits and the 138-feet observation tower. Thrilling, high-speed rides are available at Hersheypark, where there is also a small zoo and a tour describing how the famous Hershey products are prepared. The Carnegie Science Center interactive exhibits include a tour of the USS Requin submarine (summertime only) and a walk-in replica of the International Space Station.

What Do You Look for in a Family-Friendly Hotel?

Location and budget are important considerations for deciding where your family stays. Choose hotels situated close to areas of interest, allowing more time for exploring and less in transit. All-suite hotels can be cost-effective as they allow more people to stay for free. Consider accommodations that offer kiddie menus and activities for children and teenagers. Your stay will then not be ruined by a day or two of bad weather. Adults will also get the opportunity to do other activities.

How Should you Pack?

Pack and dress for comfort. Allow even the youngest family member to prepare his/her clothes and then add or eliminate accordingly. Bring jeans, T-shirts or sweatshirts, and windbreakers or warm jackets depending on time of year. Include swimwear. Everyone will enjoy exploring on foot with sturdy, well-fitting shoes. Encourage your children to bring along journaling material to record experiences and lessons for their History or English composition class. Pack a small stock of medicine for motion sickness and tummy upsets together with any maintenance medications. Remember to leave space in your luggage for souvenirs.

Family vacations can be fun and planning a holiday does not have to be stressful. Involving even the youngest members of the family in research, decision-making, and packing gives everyone a sense of ownership and real participation as the vacation unfolds. Learn all there is to know about your destination. Consider the duration of your vacation, the locations of sites, and accommodations which offer activities in the premises. Mindful selection of sites and activities to meet each one’s expectation ensures a truly memorable family vacation. When everyone is involved in planning family holidays, bonding begins long before the vacation starts.

(written for oDesk Enterprise Solutions)

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