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Bring in the Best of the Outside with Solar Shades

(written for DREA Designs)

Sunshine is an uplifting day-breaker, a mood-enhancer, and a free all-day source of light. Healthy sunshine is unfortunately now confined to shorter periods during the day and poses an increased danger of overexposure, even when indoors. Fitting your windows with solar shades will filter the brightness and the heat while still allowing you to enjoy the sunny view.

A Distinct Window Treatment

Solar shades utilize a thin material, a synthetic fabric often made of flame-resistant, PVC-coated polyester that lets you see outside minus the discomfort from glare. They also keep out heat and contribute in keeping your home cool, thus reducing energy consumption of your air conditioning system. Solar shades present as a flat window covering often, but not always, in neutral shades. They do not detract from or clash with colorful sofa covers or carpets. Not meant so much to be decorative on their own, they instead enhance what is outside the window: a view of a relaxing garden, city skyscrapers, or other panoramic vistas.

Useful Wherever It is Sunny

A trend in homes is the use of glass in large expanses of walls, in addition to windows and sliding doors.

• Most houses in a tropical setting will benefit much from solar shades that filter the perennial heat and glare. A view of lush gardens or a teeming fish pond turns into a room’s focal viewing point, negating the need for paintings.

• In temperate climates where a cottage’s entire wall is made of glass to showcase a dramatic perspective of mountains or the ocean, solar shades will do exactly that while also protecting from the brightness of a particularly sunny day.

• Solar shades in a kitchen/breakfast nook that faces east provides cheerful backdrop for quick or leisurely breakfasts.

• In a small bathroom, it gives much needed sunlight and may allow a potted plant to thrive on the window sill.

• The sitting space of bay windows is maximized with thin solar shades. Select a darker shade to keep away more of the heat and the glare for prolonged sitting or reading.

• Privacy is maintained for occupants in any home as solar shades reveal little to an outside viewer at night, even with the interior lights on.

Solar shades are a very welcome, fairly recent choice of window dressing treatment. A major feature of being able to see outside even when they are drawn boosts the interiors of any home by optimizing what is outside and making it part of your inside viewing gallery. In addition to enhancing aesthetics, comfort, privacy, and energy conservation contribute much to their value.

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