Cancel out Your Condo’s Liability with Solar Roller Shades

( written for Drea Custom Designs)

A condominium unit on the 20th floor in the city center makes an almost perfect home. It is walking distance to your office, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. The big downside is the single window which fortunately, has a good view. Fitting the lone, tall window with solar roller shades is your option. It will let in maximum daylight and allow you a view of the cityscape.

What to Consider When Purchasing Solar Roller Shades:

• Bright daylight or diffused lighting

If your window faces east, letting in a lot of sunlight is a good option. The sunrise will gently wake you up; you can always use a sleep mask or eye mask to snooze longer. A work station by the window needs sufficient sunlight to eliminate the use of indoor lighting at daytime.

Select solar shade fabrics in light colors and with a high degree of openness (10 to 14%) to allow more light in.

A view of the setting sun is priceless but western-facing windows could also bring intense daylight on nearby furniture. Prolonged habitual exposure could discolor wooden pieces and cause fading on a carpet. Regular daytime TV viewing or frequent review of video clips on your laptop will need a nighttime-simulating environment.

Fabrics in darker hues and with less openness (5 to 7%) will diffuse the daylight. Consider more opaque shades or block-out lining if you want full dimness and coolness at daytime.

• A traditional or modern look

By default, roller solar shades with their generally neutral colors have a modern, minimalist look. You can obtain a more traditional or romantic ambience with the use of dark colors or by adding tassels. A valance in matching or complementary tones also softens the look.

• Environment/health boosts versus budget

PVC, together with polyester, is a component of solar shades. Fire-retardant treatment is a standard manufacturing procedure, but do ask and double check before making a purchase.

Some solar roller shades are PVC-free and offer green, organic features but they are costly. Offset the health benefits against your budget.

• The roller mechanism is essential

Raising and lowering roller shades is smooth and effortless if the mechanism is well made and properly installed. Otherwise, tugging at chains that get stuck brings unnecessary aggravation. Be willing to pay for good-quality mechanism and choose reputable installers.

Solar roller shades are well suited to high-rise lofts. The flat, two–dimensional design does not eat up your limited space, lets in much needed daylight, and showcases the impressive cityscape view. Know your requirements and research thoroughly to find the right solar shade for your now perfect condo.

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