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In Search of a Personal Support Team

( Trust the catalyst .../ flickrcc.net )

( Trust the catalyst …/ flickrcc.net )

Have you heard of the term trust fall?  It’s a common team building exercise done in groups where you stand atop a raised platform with your back to the group.  You then do a backward free fall, trusting that the group will safely catch you.  It’s supposed to teach you about trust.  You also learn that it pays to be on good terms with colleagues long before any team building workshop.

Your Various Teams

In life, you’ve got teams too.  You are born into one —  your family.  You are part of one because you have a job —  your work mates.  Other memberships are by choice.  You may be in a professional association;  a church group; Yoga, jamming, sports, Trekkies, foodie, or collectors club; old school chums, or drinking buddies.  Perhaps you are quite comfortable going solo with little need for team engagement.

When you face a health situation, a confounding challenge, or a life-altering decision, who do you seek out?

Wanted:  Personal SWAT Team

It would be comforting to have a team whose role is to:

  • offer you Support;
  • consider your Wellbeing;
  • give you Attention;
  • be Tolerant of your life choices.

You need a personal SWAT team.  Some people get all the support, wellbeing, attention, and tolerance they need from one significant other while others require an entourage.  Your SWAT team membership can be shifting but a strong core group is vital.

SWAT Team Qualifications

People from your various groups qualify for your SWAT team because of frequent encounters and commonality, but do they also have the following?

  • Confidentiality: understand without needing to be told that your situation is not for sharing.
  • Knowledge:  possess experience and credible information related to your situation.
  • Perspective:  able to view from inside-out and from outside-in and therefore, are simultaneously sympathetic and impartial.
( Castellers en La Merce 2007 / flckrcc.net )

( Castellers en La Merce 2007 / flckrcc.net )

The hard part is your core group.

A core group member is constant and has evolved largely from affinity, sometimes from consanguinity, and often from serendipity.  They are individuals who have shared intense slivers of life or large chunks of history with you.

They intuitively know if you need space, a listening ear,  solid advice, or immediate intervention.  Regardless of what you say, they sense what you truly need.  Let’s call them your hard core friends.

One or two such friends is a priceless gift.  It is a gift that is earned.  When you are someone else’s hard core friend, it is inevitable that you have a couple of your own.  It does not matter if  it is not reciprocated.  What’s important is BEING someone else’s hard core friend.  When you have been part of such a profound dynamic, you would have learned to truly trust that if life’s challenges send you into a free fall, your SWAT team has got your back.  Guaranteed.

( IL-Kane County Swat Truck; flickrcc.net )

( IL-Kane County Swat Truck; flickrcc.net )

(first paragraph initially written by Luwee in an article for London SEO Expert Ltd)

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