Abundance is the Default

Patungkol sa likas na kayamanan at yaman sa mundo,

may sapat para sa lahat.

Ang pag-aaksaya at pag-mamalabis ng iilan
ang siyang dahilan
ng paghihirap ng karamihan.


flickr.com.spigot in the sky

flickr.com.spigot in the sky

Of the world’s natural resources and wealth, there is enough for everyone.

The wastefulness and excesses of a few
are the reasons for the impoverishment
of a multitude.

My regular brisk walks around the neighborhood are usually pleasant. I enviously admire plants in a garden, automatically name an 80’s tune from a music player, knowingly identify the dish cooking in a kitchen, and stop a while to raptly listen to classical music being played on the piano.

Yes, it’s quite pleasant until I pass a row of large houses, each with a three-car garage that is  full, but with more cars parked on the street.  No, they are not hosting a party. It’s because it’s a Sunday. Their chauffeur is off and everyone is home. So are their cars. There is this one house where there are more cars than there are people living there!

My heart races not from the exercise but from seething at the glaring excesses made stark against a backdrop of many poor communities in my country, the Philippines.  This wealth imbalance is repeated, from country to country, and in the global community of nations.

Bad news:  At one time or another, we have all been guilty of some small form of excess or wastage.

Good news:  It is often because we are unaware or ignorant of its effects.  It is not (usually) because we are gluttons.

This means we can choose to educate ourselves and make a conscious habit of  buying, taking and owning only what we need for our natural consumption.

The reward: You’d be surprised at the drop in your expense and the proportionate rise in your savings.

Our contribution: We leave more in the universal supply basket for others and make sure … na may sapat para sa lahat.



2 comments on “Abundance is the Default

  1. Amen. Suze Orman summed it up this way: Live below your means but within your needs.

    • Yup. Suze Orman is my financial life coach. What about those people whose means are very high that it allows them a monopoly on resources? Do you agree that an effective national policy can curb their access by raising prices and taxes at a prohibitive level for them when their consumption or ownership goes beyond a reasonable cap?

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