Life Lesson: Closing Chapters



He who opens a door

gets more than bargained for.

He steps through for a peep

but finds he’s in too deep.

Surely there’ll be some pain

when closing the door again.

But leaving a door ajar

is the biggest mistake by far.

With high school cynicism

I wrote those words in rhythm.

Now, decades past, the thought applies.

It isn’t cynical.  It’s wise.


7 comments on “Life Lesson: Closing Chapters

  1. Thanks for sharing your poem with me, Luwee. Keep writing! You have experience and wisdom that needs to be shared.

    • Thank you, Stef. Your remarks are valuable because they come from someone passionate about poetry and the lyrically spoken word. Wishing you the best with your creative pursuits. Looking forward to developments.

  2. I appreciate your compliment and your support and am glad you found validation in the poem’s lesson. Thank you, Jet, especially for sharing your journey that began with “The Owl and the Pussycat”.

  3. So very true my friend. It isn’t cynical, It’s wise. It is so hard to keep chapters in our lives on “freeze” mode because it will keep coming back to one every now and then.
    Let’s be bold and face the closure, whether it be painful or not. As Luwee says, it’s wise.

    Love your blogspot Luwee! You do have a way with words.

  4. Thanks. Those words were written in high school when perhaps there was natural wisdom, and the mind was less “adulterated.” But I am happy to be in the here and now with the wisdom of hindsight and experience.

  5. Luwee, I love this!!!! Such wisdom-filled words! Keep writing poems; I think you have it in you! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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