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Your Words are a Wizard’s Wand

image credit Louise Kiner via flckr

image credit Louise Kiner via flckr


It’s happened too frequently and consistently for it to be coincidence.  It’s pretty much a universal law.

Where you put attention best,

      That will surely manifest. 

If it’s negative, alas!

     That is what will come to pass.


Skeptical, are you? Therein lies the problem.

You want proof, that’s what you say. 

Purely logic, that’s your way.

Well,  believe it first, I say.

Or more accurately yet,

What you SAY  is what you get.


From mind and heart, there they grow.

Thoughts you choose, speak, and follow.

Stuck in fear? or free and grand?

Your words are a wizard’s wand.

– oOo –

The image shows a handmade wand by Louise Kiner, a skilled, prolific artisan of many mediums. Click to View her work .

One comment on “Your Words are a Wizard’s Wand

  1. Luwee Francia
    Jul 20, 2015
    +Michael Nothdurft So true, Michael. Your comment is made meaningful because you are someone who practices what you write and say. Keep well and energized.

    Michael Nothdurft (on Google Groups)
    Jul 19, 2015

    negative thinking will create negative effects.
    positive, energizing thinking will create a positive, energetic life.
    We are full of energy – so let it come out.
    Enjoy your life & take care

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