What’s Your Center?

image,Pauline Cauton

image,Pauline Cauton

Nicholas St. North (better known as Santa Claus) asked Jack Frost that very question in the Rise of the Guardians, the 2012 animated children’s movie that touched the hearts of even the most jaded adults. In that scene, Nicholas hands Jack a matryoshka doll representing him (Nicholas).  He instructs Jack to open the doll, layer by layer, until the innermost core.  There, Jack uncovers a tiny doll with huge eyes. Those eyes, says Nicholas, represent his center–WONDER.  His much loved role is to gather up delightful toys on Christmas to deliver all over the world; thus, keeping the sense of magical, wide-eyed wonder in children.

What’s your center?

Jack Frost did not know his yet.  Neither did I know mine.  Many months later, I was presented a book which asked the same question in so many different ways. What do you wake up on Monday mornings for? What are you most passionate about? What do others claim you do so well and with little effort? What spurs you to action?  In The Power of Purpose: Creating Meaning in Your Life and Work, bestselling author Richard Leider writes about how purpose gives us a “profound sense of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.”

Finding answers to the many variations of what is essentially one question required me to take long and frequent pauses which led to many paths, pseudo answers, and more questions. But after a long, long while of contemplation, listening,  phrasing and rephrasing,  I found my life purpose from my center.  It somehow always came down to WORDS–a love of and respect for its creative, healing and manifesting power.

And so to affirm here and now:

What’s my center? A spring of words that come forth, sometimes in bursts, sometimes in trickles, always flowing.

What’s my life purpose?

To WRITE the stories of people

who are living their life purpose

and to inspire many others

toward finding and living theirs.


To BE an example of a life re-created

by the conscious use and choice of words

expressing always what’s positive and true

in all I think and say and do.


To BRING cheer to another

at every encounter

picking kind words to utter

leaving hearts warm and better.


To GROW into the best version of me

spiritually and socially

emotionally and mentally

physically and financially.

Now, what’s YOUR center?

Jack Frost’s realization was poignantly simple.  So yes, get inspiration from that Dreamworks movie and find motivation in Richard Leider’s book.  (And no, I’m not in any way connected to either Dreamworks or Richard Leider.)  The journey to your center may be a winding road or even an obstacle course, but arriving at your destination will be absolutely satisfying.

2 comments on “What’s Your Center?

  1. Thanks, Rem. You’ve noticed too that many so-called kids’ movies are philosophical and wise. I think Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks are actually targeting to awaken realizations in parents. Adults believe they’re towing the kids along through life but actually the kids already know what’s important. Remember Robert Fulghum’s “All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten?”

  2. Amen, Luwee! one of my favorites, next to Kung fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon 1&2. They are all insightful! =D

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