Christmas: T’is the Season for Exhaustion ?

Christmas is the time of year when attention temporarily turns away  from politics and the national economy – a good thing.  Time and energy gets funneled instead into the hectic, stressful holiday season – not quite good.  Even when you think you’ve planned early, Christmas seems to somehow arrive sooner than you expect.  If your […]

Typhoon Haiyan Tragedy:  A Non-victim Tries to Cope

Typhoon Haiyan Tragedy: A Non-victim Tries to Cope

NO ONE could have predicted the extent of the devastation that typhoon Haiyan visited upon the Philippines’ central Visayas region.  Warnings were issued.  Most people heeded them as best they could.  We are a nation accustomed to typhoons.  We “know the drill” and we thought we were ready.  We were not. Incredibly Hard to Comprehend […]

Silent Souvenir

Silent Souvenir

The first time I saw Tiananmen Square, it was teeming with humanity, a giant tapestry of color in shimmering waves of motion.  Small patches of gray floor were visible in areas, but the brightly-hued jackets of tourists fidgeting with cameras and umbrellas dominated the landscape.  From the distance, it was postcard pretty.  The bright blue […]

Doing Business in Diverse Cultures

There was a time when all a business owner had to do to run a business was manage the numbers related to assets, liabilities, and equity.  That time is long gone.  Control over the figures is essential, but maintaining smooth relations with the people you interact with is just as vital. Cross Cultural Relations and […]

INSPIRE: Where Stories of Giving Come Full Circle

The tinkling of glasses subsided as the lights dimmed and all eyes turned to the stage.  The speaker walked up to the rostrum and began his casual conversation, laughing often about his several failed attempts at getting hired in his dream job.  It was a long-held ambition, kept burning by deep personal experience.  Now, that […]

Don’t Think of a Blue Ball: It Begins With an Ending

The book title piques curiosity and slight defiance.  “And just why,” you humph to yourself as you gaze at the cover, “should I not think of a blue ball.”  Scanning a brief review, you decide that it could be helpful reading; its genre, after all, is self-help.  If you are not a stranger to the […]

Reach for the Sky

You encounter the “E” word pretty early in academic report cards. You meet it again in performance evaluations at work. In a vertical list of possibilities, it is on the opposite level of Poor, two notches above Good, and sits smugly on the top spot. The quality of being outstanding or extremely good is how […]