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Cancel out Your Condo’s Liability with Solar Roller Shades

( written for Drea Custom Designs) A condominium unit on the 20th floor in the city center makes an almost perfect home. It is walking distance to your office, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. The big downside is the single window which fortunately, has a good view. Fitting the lone, tall window with solar roller shades […]

Bring in the Best of the Outside with Solar Shades

(written for DREA Designs) Sunshine is an uplifting day-breaker, a mood-enhancer, and a free all-day source of light. Healthy sunshine is unfortunately now confined to shorter periods during the day and poses an increased danger of overexposure, even when indoors. Fitting your windows with solar shades will filter the brightness and the heat while still […]

Family Vacation Planner When Visiting Pennsylvania

Your entire family is keenly looking forward to your vacation in Pennsylvania. From past experience, you know that family vacations are an ideal time to bond while having exciting adventures, learning new things, shopping, or simply relaxing. You may encounter unexpected events during vacations which can turn out to be a refreshing chance to do […]

Home Interiors: Faux is Sometimes Better than Real

(written for DREA Designs) Do you count yourself among those who can afford real silk drapes for your home? The answer is probably not in the affirmative, but even if you can easily afford real silk, there is no serious reason for not choosing faux silk drapes. Because of the combination of materials, the use […]

Introduce Elegant Luxury in a Room with One Inexpensive Addition

(written for Drea Custom Designs) Its dramatic sheen and its especially luxurious feel makes silk a highly desired fabric for curtains as much as for clothing and bed linen. It has, however, mainly stayed in the fabric wish list of homeowners and designers who shy away from purchasing silk because of its price. Faux silk […]

The Ins and Outs of Custom Pillows

(written for DREA Design) They are touched, hugged, tossed about, leaned on, and sat upon. Custom pillows bring a feeling of warmth to your home but are also the most handled soft furnishing around. As such, there are considerations beyond aesthetics that go into their purchase and maintenance. The Inside Counts: What’s in your custom […]

Getting Nicely Accustomed to Custom Pillows

(written for DREA Designs) The term custom pillow may possibly make you think of older people or injured younger individuals who need these to meet their specific posture requirements in order to lay or sit comfortably. Those are more specifically known as orthopedic or specialty pillows. Custom pillows can serve that purpose too but the […]