Profit with Purpose?

Cupid Means Business

  The price of flowers shoots up dramatically while shops put up expensive chocolates on tempting display.  Women turn extra sweet to men who turn absentmindedly occupied doing the price Math. There’s no room in the inn because hotels run at peak occupancy and restaurants are all booked up. If you haven’t guessed it yet, […]

Christmas: T’is the Season for Exhaustion ?

Christmas is the time of year when attention temporarily turns away  from politics and the national economy – a good thing.  Time and energy gets funneled instead into the hectic, stressful holiday season – not quite good.  Even when you think you’ve planned early, Christmas seems to somehow arrive sooner than you expect.  If your […]

Doing Business in Diverse Cultures

There was a time when all a business owner had to do to run a business was manage the numbers related to assets, liabilities, and equity.  That time is long gone.  Control over the figures is essential, but maintaining smooth relations with the people you interact with is just as vital. Cross Cultural Relations and […]

INSPIRE: Where Stories of Giving Come Full Circle

The tinkling of glasses subsided as the lights dimmed and all eyes turned to the stage.  The speaker walked up to the rostrum and began his casual conversation, laughing often about his several failed attempts at getting hired in his dream job.  It was a long-held ambition, kept burning by deep personal experience.  Now, that […]

Reach for the Sky

You encounter the “E” word pretty early in academic report cards. You meet it again in performance evaluations at work. In a vertical list of possibilities, it is on the opposite level of Poor, two notches above Good, and sits smugly on the top spot. The quality of being outstanding or extremely good is how […]

Working Women Boost Business

The European Union’s quota system that imposes companies to have 40% of their board-of-director seats occupied by women may be signed into law soon amid intense debate. Imposing a quota to achieve the goal may or may not work, but it does highlight a realization that more women are needed in all levels of the […]

The Tragedy of the “Unli”

The Tragedy of the “Unli”

How do businesses choose to make money these days? More than a few focus solely on attracting customers, the greater the number, the better. They gleefully drop their prices to unbelievably low levels or they retain their rates but add a whole bunch of new-looking extras. The most aggressive enterprises stretch to their farthest limit […]