Profit with Purpose?

In Search of a Personal Support Team

In Search of a Personal Support Team

Have you heard of the term trust fall?  It’s a common team building exercise done in groups where you stand atop a raised platform with your back to the group.  You then do a backward free fall, trusting that the group will safely catch you.  It’s supposed to teach you about trust.  You also learn […]

From Passion to Profit

Starting a new business is not as complicated as many people believe. It may appear as intricate to you as Trigonometry or Chemistry. Back when you were in those classes, there was that voice in the back of your mind saying, “You’re not good at this. You’ll never make it.” You believed it then. You […]

E-books, E-journals, and the Ease of E-publishing

(written for The Cambridge University Press is the world’s oldest publishing house established in 1534 with impetus from Henry VIII. Royal encouragement from Charles I allowed the Oxford University Press to follow in 1636. Religious and academic subjects were the focus of the first books published. To this day, the Oxford English Dictionary remains […]

The Tricky Traps of Business Writing

(written by Luwee for You have been scouting for a communications officer for your new company for a couple of months now. The business is poised for expansion and you need to focus on directing that growth while also finding someone who will proclaim how well your business is doing. Your search for that […]

Sting Makes a Strong Point

Sting Makes a Strong Point

The announcement of the artist pull-out and venue change came as the tickets for the show were practically sold out. The artist’s decision to switch venues in this one-night-only gig caused a bit of a logistical challenge to refund and re-issue tickets for both organizers and ticket holders, who had to physically pick up the […]

Making Money with Music?

(written for A. Ullah) While grocery shopping, you hum the overture you heard for the first time at the theater last night. At a traffic standstill, you drum your fingers on the steering wheel to a reggae beat in your mind. You absentmindedly yet correctly name the tune at the first strains of the recorded […]