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Make Love Work: An Imperative on Love

Make Love Work: An Imperative on Love

A catchy title, this book has with the same melodious, three-word cadence as the title of that famous bestseller-turned-movie, which starts with Eat and ends with Pray.  They also share a common word in their titles and the stickiest and trickiest of subjects, love. Scientific, Academic, or Literary, It Isn’t Make Love Work is not […]

Don’t Think of a Blue Ball: It Begins With an Ending

The book title piques curiosity and slight defiance.  “And just why,” you humph to yourself as you gaze at the cover, “should I not think of a blue ball.”  Scanning a brief review, you decide that it could be helpful reading; its genre, after all, is self-help.  If you are not a stranger to the […]

The Song of the Tree: A Gem of a Novel by an Author who has Played Many Roles, Onstage and Off

In the intriguing novel, The Song of the Tree by Lotis Key, the setting could be most anywhere. The characters are familiar yet somehow alien. It describes places (more like realities), worlds quite apart in everything else but location, right next to each other. These places are peopled by distinct groups, one group accepting and […]