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Word Watching: How It Began

Word Watching: How It Began

Word-watching, as a conscious and deliberate practice available to everyone, is an idea that crystallized in my mind some months ago, but the seed took hold several years back during the Sunday family reunions of my childhood. Impressionable Eyes and Ears Our large extended family offered my many cousins a backdrop of happy memories, a […]

The Tricky Traps of Business Writing

(written by Luwee for Hauld.com) You have been scouting for a communications officer for your new company for a couple of months now. The business is poised for expansion and you need to focus on directing that growth while also finding someone who will proclaim how well your business is doing. Your search for that […]

Brain Food: It’s Not Just What’s on the Menu

You know that what you eat affects your brain. You are familiar with the usual brain foods. Advertisers make sure you are aware of the mind-strengthening supplements available. You have learned how alcohol and drugs can dull your cognition. But have you considered the other kind of food you feed your mind? Static and Over […]

How to Use Jing

Jing. It makes communication and understanding easy by capturing images and videos, and annotating with arrows, text, or commentary to show exactly what you mean. Sharing can be instantaneous. Eliminate any misunderstanding with Jing.