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The Ins and Outs of Custom Pillows

(written for DREA Design) They are touched, hugged, tossed about, leaned on, and sat upon. Custom pillows bring a feeling of warmth to your home but are also the most handled soft furnishing around. As such, there are considerations beyond aesthetics that go into their purchase and maintenance. The Inside Counts: What’s in your custom […]

Getting Nicely Accustomed to Custom Pillows

(written for DREA Designs) The term custom pillow may possibly make you think of older people or injured younger individuals who need these to meet their specific posture requirements in order to lay or sit comfortably. Those are more specifically known as orthopedic or specialty pillows. Custom pillows can serve that purpose too but the […]

Delightful Eye Candy for Your Interiors

(written for DREA Designs) Just looking at them brings a delightful, carefree feeling. They may be put together in artistic groupings on a sofa or plopped nonchalantly in pairs over several chairs. An assortment of shapes, colors and prints never fails to bring a smile. Touching and hugging are inevitable. Custom pillows are absolutely fun […]

It Makes Gratifying Sense to Splurge on Custom Boudoir Pillows

(written for DREA Custom Designs) When decorating your home’s living and dining spaces, you try to look at them from different persons’ points of view. Why? Because you believe these spaces are meant to be enjoyed and shared with others. Custom pillows have been a stable part of your home, silent witnesses to animated family […]

Enhancing Your Room Ambiance is Easier than You Think

(written for DREA Custom Designs) Picture a bare room. The curve or clean lines of its cornice and doorjambs as well as the wall color defines its form. Furniture pieces introduce structure, lighting gives depth, and soft furnishings add texture. An “essential extra” that can influence all of the above are custom pillows. With its […]