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Two Degrees from Pope Francis

Two Degrees from Pope Francis

About a Boy There’s this boy I’ve been seeing one afternoon a week. It’s not exactly a secret but not many people know about it.  Once a week, I drop what I usually do–organizing schedules, planning stuff, and chauffeuring or stringing words and stories on the computer screen or on the pages of my mind […]

Typhoon Haiyan Tragedy:  A Non-victim Tries to Cope

Typhoon Haiyan Tragedy: A Non-victim Tries to Cope

NO ONE could have predicted the extent of the devastation that typhoon Haiyan visited upon the Philippines’ central Visayas region.  Warnings were issued.  Most people heeded them as best they could.  We are a nation accustomed to typhoons.  We “know the drill” and we thought we were ready.  We were not. Incredibly Hard to Comprehend […]

INSPIRE: Where Stories of Giving Come Full Circle

The tinkling of glasses subsided as the lights dimmed and all eyes turned to the stage.  The speaker walked up to the rostrum and began his casual conversation, laughing often about his several failed attempts at getting hired in his dream job.  It was a long-held ambition, kept burning by deep personal experience.  Now, that […]